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Determining direction is critical to your career success. Before you begin putting yourself out to market, you must know what you want. We help you determine what direction to take.
Mapping out your next best steps is fundamental to your success. We will take a detailed look at where you have been, where you are today, and where you desire to be, moving forward. This is a powerful process we use to put people on purpose, a step you cannot afford to miss!
Communication Consulting
You can control the opinion of others through a credible and professional image, coupled with powerful, connected communication skills. You must present yourself and communicate in a way that gives others a great experience of you. In our initial consultation, we will determine where we need to polish you professionally, to give others a great experience of you!
You have been such a bright light to me in this challenging time. I have had a hard time focusing on what is important and you have kept me on track. Each time I talk with you I get exactly the information I need about me and about my environment. I was in a rut from being in the same situation with the same people for such a long time. I had become rusty in so many areas. For example, I was blind to how I was presenting myself. You were able to see what I needed to change and you were sensitive to how I needed to hear about it. I never felt criticized or judged. You also helped me remember how to connect with people and really get my message across. Even more important, you have helped me get ME across to others! You were so right about what would come up in my interview. Your coaching made me aware of aspects of the interview process that I had never thought about. With your skilled guidance, I was ready for the questions and I had great answers prepared as well. Thank you for increasing my confidence and my success!
Jan Dixon
Thank you so much for the conversation coaching of late! Your experience and knowledge combined with your sincerity truly lend to making a person feel comfortable and confident! I was pretty intimidated by the prospect of an interview with a potentially huge business contact. Your coaching, and knowing what I should ask, how to reply, and what to expect, put me more at ease. I was still nervous but remembered the skills you had so kindly made time to impress upon me. And of course you were right! Thanks to your coaching, we were able to secure some trial courses with this client. They, too, went very well, and we are discussing further services. I just need to keep your ideas and smile in mind, and we will continue our success! I only wish I had met you sooner and had received your wonderful coaching years ago! I look forward to our next conversation!
Joan Peters
I knew you were going to be great but I didn't know you were going to be brilliant! You continue to amaze me with your abilities......Your fun, creative approach in the way you captured our attention immediately at last night's meeting was very impressive! Your presentation was very well received as you exude confidence, intelligence and wisdom! You have an honest, true nature about yourself and I wish you well with your endeavours! Continue to have fun...always be yourself ... and you will always be successful in anything you do! Thanks once again for agreeing to speak to our group. You offer your warmth and kindness and always "connect" well with everyone you meet! You were definitely one of the best presenters we have ever had and I'm so happy to have rediscovered your "Purpose in Life"! I feel honoured to know you and have great respect for you!
Leslie Stuart
THANK YOU for the FABULOUS session for the grant recipients. Their feedback was very positive and they felt like it was the highlight of the conference. We would love to be able to do this again next year as I think it is such a valuable feature to our grants program.
Lisa Purvis
Carmen - I want to thank you for your presentation on Friday "Building Careers in Breaking Times". I thought the presentation was very well done, hit many key points and presented your company well, without being pushy. You are very charismatic and professional. So thank you again and I hope our paths will cross in the future.
Harvey Duncan
I worked with Prominent Personnel in the job search for an accounting position. They have very strong networks and connections within the Oil and Gas industry, and are especially knowledgeable about its management.  With their assistance, I was able to create an impressive resume, cover letter and be professionally prepared for job interviews. Prominent Personnel arranged for high end management interviews, and with the preparation done with Carmen Goss, I was successful at the very first interview I attended.
Brandon Biluk

Judy James
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